Gen Rosso is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a new CD composed of 10 of the group’s most popular songs, chosen from its repertoire of over 300 compositions. The selections are presented with new arrangements and there is one completely new release.

“Zenit” is the result of the valid collaboration of a number of musicians, including well-known Italian singers in ‘duet’ with Gen Rosso’s soloists. These artists include Francesco Guccini, Antonella Ruggiero, Rosalia Misseri, Francesco Silvestre (Modà), Cheryl Porter and Kate Kelly who share the wealth of values that Gen Rosso upholds, and have therefore contributed their talent to produce an album that combines message and content with refined musical sensitivity.

“Zenit” was given a press conference last November 17 at the Carroccio Hall of Campidoglio, Rome’s city hall, in the presence of the artists who collaborated for its production.

The new CD is distributed by Multimedia San Paolo. Part of the profit from its sales will be donated for the construction of a new Multicultural and Interreligious Center for the promotion of dialogue among peoples in Jerusalem.

Multiethnic by birth, ecumenical by vocation, musical loudspeaker of love, peace and brotherhood: Gen Rosso is all this. In its 40 years of energetic activity, it has asserted itself as one of the most mature expressions of music inspired by Christian values. It has characteristically been made up of a wide variety of musicians, singers, dancers and technicians who put together their professional and human experience to give life to a unique musical group that stirs audiences everywhere. It has given 2,000 concerts and gone on 170 concert tours in 43 nations, besides producing 53 albums and publishing 300 songs.

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