Switzerland: Chiara Lubich, honorary citizen of Mollens, and an appointment of the youth for the youth, on politics

“Since 1974, Chiara Lubich spends her summer at Mollens and we are honoured in welcoming this world-known personality, engaged in favour of peace and universal brotherhood among all peoples”

These are the motivations backing the acknowledgment of this town, located in the upper Vallese.

There will be another appointment taking place in Switzerland, on 25 and 26 August 2007: involving in a special way the youth and politics. This appointment deals with Politics-Party: an initiative inspired by the spirit of Chiara Lubich. This follows other appointments with several Swiss political personalities, among which the Mayor of Mollens, who declared the following, during an interview:

“The Political Movement for Unity is a formidable challenge because it proposes an approach which is very different from the politics that we know. Rather than dialectic and conflict confrontation, dialogue is chosen, and this takes place at several levels of political engagement. I hope that our youth may be taken by this reflection, as I feel that this not a minor thing for the future. Let’s not forget our youth will decide politics one day”.

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