A bridge with Congo

Kinshasa, Moyi Mwa Ntongo Medical Center (Morning Sun Medical Centre) is one of the social projects of the Focolare Movement in the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was the recipient of an interesting project promoted by a local optical company in collaboration with the United World Association (AMU). The “Do something for them” campaign was geared towards the citizens of Grottaferrata, Italy. The objective was to collect eyeglasses (many of them damaged), which the optical centre in Grottaferrata would repair, disinfect, classify and pack for shipment to Kinshasa.

Besides the general, gynaecological, paediatric and dermatological medical services that are offered by the Congolese health centre, there is also a fully functioning ophthalmological centre, with a programme for preventing blindness and other services in this field, thanks to the top-class equipment that has been donated. The main beneficiaries of these services are the more than 1,200 children who are served by the school and nutrition assistance programme Petite Flamme in both Kinshasa and other cities of the country.

The staff at the health centre has been trained to conduct eye tests on children and provide training in the prevention of blindness to families and teachers. Children requiring eye care or even surgery, are welcomed at the centre and, when needed, they receive free medical treatment. but the cooperation between the peoples of the Northern and Southern hemispheres of our world, would have to become part of a culture of reciprocity that leads them to discover their common brotherhood even in the smallest actions of daily life.

The “Do something for them” campaign has been enthusiastically received by the population, so much so that in very many places in the city of Castelli Romani – schools, churches, offices – the donation boxes have already been filled. The results have been far better than what was expected: On the evening of 5th December, ten boxes filled with eyeglasses were displayed in the library of the Town Hall of Grottaferrata, with boxes and cartons stamped and ready for shipment. The results of the campaign were presented to some friends from Congo who in turn offered a presentation of their land and recounted the activities that are carried out by the Health Centre. Returning to Kinshasa, their baggage was definitely heavier. . . and now they are organizing a shipment with  additional materials.

Compiled by Stefano Comazzi                                                                                                                                                  Projects sector – AMU

Taken from Newsletter Amu – Formation                                                                                                                                January 2013 – Year 4 ° No. 5


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