An in-depth study on unity

Lately, Città Nuova published the book "L’unità. Uno sguardo dal Paradiso'49 di Chiara Lubich". It is edited by Stefan Tobler and Judith Povilus, and soon it will be published in other languages. This in-depth study, to which many contributed, will help one understand the meaning of unity, the core of the Focolare spirituality. ... Read More

Christmas: stars are shining on the stables

Igino Giordani summed up Christmas in a few significant words: “Our welcoming the child Jesus into the cold grotto of our hearts; giving hospitality to that Light which had found no place elsewhere and decided to shine on us, making all things new. ... Read More

Pasquale Foresi’s biography published

Pasquale Foresi, the first co-president of the Focolare Movement and an avant-garde theologian  was a very timid and a highly intelligent person. His first biography, edited by Michele Zanzucchi, has just been published in Italian. It relates the story of a man, the beginning of the Focolare Movement, a cross-section of history that has much to say to the Movement, the Church and society today. ... Read More

Paradise ’49: an experience that shaped the Focolare Movement

The May-June 2019 issue of the New Humanity magazine is entirely dedicated to the mystical experience that Chiara Lubich had in the summer of 1949: this is now known as "Paradise 49". We asked Father Fabio Ciardi, head of the interdisciplinary study centre, the "Abba School" and member of the steering committee for the publication of Chiara Lubich’s writings to explain the reasons for this decision. ... Read More