In 1990 the ‘Abba School’, a Centre of interdisciplinary study made up of 30 experts, was established. Its development was greatly helped by a German Bishop, noted theologian and philosopher, Klaus Hemmerle, as well as some highly qualified focolarini.Scuola Abbà

The purpose of the Abba School is to explore and discover the effects of the charism of unity in a range of disciplines. Chiara Lubich spoke about it on 9th June 2000 during a congress held by the Movement in Castelgandolfo, Rome:

‘Since the early days of our Movement we’ve been aware that the charism of unity brings its own culture, which is at one and the same time a child of traditional Christianity and through the light brought by the charism, something new. The growth in the numbers of the people of unity and the spread of the Ideal beyond the confines of the Focolare Movement, has highlighted the specifics of this culture, and made deeper study necessary: theological, and philosophical, political, economic, psychological, artistic and so on. This is what we are doing within what we call the “Abba School”.’


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