5 steps towards well being

We often listen to bad news, sometimes it is inhuman and disturbing, other times it is because our eyes can't distinguish beauty any more. How can we nurture an optimistic view on life?

There is a risk of seeing only what’s wrong (often realistic) and shutting out everything else, pessimism can take over in a subtle way, creating a “culture” of negativism. All this has certainly repercussions on our psychophysical well-being and on the possibility of our becoming socially active protagonists. This topic is very complex and this is not be the place to dissect it but we can nurture an optimistic attitude towards life through some small habits. Positive psychology research has shown that implementing daily exercises like the “Three Blessings” increases your well-being.

The exercise consists of writing down every evening, three things that happened that made us happy, specifying why they were good and what they provoked. It can be three simple things: small successes, things going well, surprises, situations where we felt capable, etc. It is important to specify the significance we gave them. Sometimes we tend to draw attention to what goes wrong, it can also be useful to analyse negative events to learn from them, but we risk spending a lot of time focusing on what went wrong.

The exercise of “The Three Blessings” nourishes a positive attitude towards life and creates a feeling of gratitude.
The latter is a point of strength of character that generates gratification and positive emotions. Ma s that a continual negative viewpoint predisposes to anxiety and depression. To improve our health it is very useful to increase our ability to think and enjoy what went well.

A second exercise that could be useful is to create “spaces”, moments when it is possible to listen to oneself, to take a break and just “be” and not“do “.
Train ourselves to listen to our emotions , our desires and our values. This can stimulate new creative energies. It can be done in different ways: spiritual experiences, personal growth groups, meditation, etc.

A third wellness exercise is that of reading books for the mind : you can use a wide bibliographic choice by following the most varied topics on the themes of personal growth and psychology ( New City also offers a series of psychology texts from which one can draw). Reading relaxes and increases awareness , going in depth to this kind of theme stimulates reflection and understanding of the internal world and relational dynamics. Book Therapy is also widely used within the evolutionary pathways or psychotherapy.

A fourth exercise can be to take care of the “inner child”: choose a fun and enjoyable activity, which stimulates joy and creativity. Take some time alone or in company in which to fulfill this desire.

As the fifth and final exercise: training on kindness ! Let’s not make it go out of style! Kindness reinvigorates relationships, it makes us feel part of a community, it generates friendship and all this increases happiness. These five exercises that stimulate well-being and optimism can be the basis for new projects.
Regeneration and self-care helps us to express our personal potential , it is a athletic preparation to face challenging future goals or good causes that are close to our hearts!

(Fonte: www.cittanuova.it – Angela Mammana)