Amoris Laetitia – Part 10 – The Couple “a living sculpture” of the Mystery of God.

From the introduction on, the document presents the family as the reflection of God, who is Trinity.

The Couple “a living sculpture” of the Mystery of God.
The Pope writes:  “The couple that loves and begets life is a true, living icon – not an idol like those of stone or gold prohibited by the Decalogue – capable of revealing God the Creator and Savior.  For this reason, fruitful love becomes a symbol of God’s inner life…the triune God is a communion of love, and the family is its living reflection” (AL 11).

This motif appears very frequently with different hews:  From chapter 3, dedicated to the vocation of the family:
“Scripture and Tradition give us access to a knowledge of the Trinity, which is revealed with the features of a family.  The family is the image of God who is a communion of persons…In the human family gathered by Christ, ‘the image and likeness of the Most Holy Trinity has been restored, the mystery from which all true love flows” (AL 71)”, to a deeper understanding of the lines of spirituality that the Pope suggests as the proper lines of family life; among these, he states: “The Trinity is present in the temple of marital communion.  Just as God dwells in the praises of his people, he dwells deep within the marital love that gives him glory.” (AL 314).

Finally, “Social love, a reflection of the Trinity, is in reality what unifies the spiritual meaning of the family and its mission outside itself…The family lives its peculiar spirituality being, at the same time a domestic Church and a vital cell to transform the world” (AL 324).
(Comment by Jesus Moran at the meeting of the New Family Secretariats held in Castel Gandolfo from 3 to 6 November 2016)

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