Summer 2023: Families in action in the Czech Republic.

(Italiano) L'estate 2023 è stata caratterizzata da una serie di visite della Segreteria di Famiglie Nuove nei paesi dell'Est, che hanno mostrato la vitalità delle famiglie in questi paesi.

From 13 to 19 August, in Steken – in a beautiful abbey surrounded by nature – a meeting/school for families from all over the nation was held by the New Families Movement. There were mainly young families, with their children. The program was very varied, lively, and well participated. In the morning, there were formation sessions for parents, which they themselves prepared, on themes of spirituality applied to family life, which also included moments of dialogue and sharing. At the same time, programs adapted to the various ages of the children were planned. In the afternoon. There were various activities for the whole family which they did together: games, walks, canoeing … It was a very beautiful, profound and family-friendly experience for today. Indeed, there is great hope for the future! The impressions were very positive, so much so that the date for a similar experience for summer 2024 has already been set. For more information, write to the email address of Famiglie Nuove, in your own language.

The life of the New Families Movement for the year 2023-2024 in Poland goes on
On 1, 2 and 3 September 2023, a beautiful “a-new-start-of-the-year” congress was held for the families of Poland. The venue was the Citadel “Fiore” (Flower) near Warsaw, a very nice and family-friendly place. The children who were present were able to take advantage of a program for them. For parents, the main topic was spirituality and prayer in the family. Themes, experiences, meditations and dialogue helped everyone to deepen these fundamental aspects. The environment of the citadel, with the presence of various people who live there, was important and useful for these days of life together. It was an experience of “recharging of the batteries” before returning to everyday life, being more motivated and serene.