A shrub

Due to a shrub with beautiful flowers that, in my opinion, my husband had transplanted to the wrong place, harmony between us had disappeared.

While I was cooking unhappy and with my soul in turmoil, I tried to trust God. Slowly, my calm returned and I began to reflect on how I had been so attached to my idea.

It was as if I had a light in myself: I thought of proposing to my husband that he plant the shrub in a vase, and then find a suitable place for it. I told him about it during dinner and it seemed to him a good idea.

We apologised to each other and went together to buy a nice vase. We also found a suitable accommodation in front of the house. As we looked at our shrub with great joy and deep peace in our hearts, we said that it should be a sign for us that always reminded us of what matters in our relationship: love one another, be ready to lose one’s ideas to please the other, so that God can shine among us.

(Source: Il vangelo del giorno – N.4 Aprile 2018 p. 154 Città Nuova Editrice)