Blessed Christmas: Come Lord Jesus, hurry and come…

Message from Margaret Karram, President of the Focolare Movement, on the occasion of Christmas 2022

Come Lord Jesus, hurry and come,
The whole world can no longer cope!
A dark night has come down,
The Star has disappeared from the sky.

Who will guide us now to Bethlehem,
To meet the Prince of Peace?
Who will help us rekindle in many hearts
the flames of a love that burns
and becomes art?

It’s Christmas.
Come back, come to us Lord Jesus.
We want to welcome you like we have never done before.
More than ever in the past, we want to recognise you in those who suffer:
the poor, the lonely, those in despair, sick
or abandoned.

Grant that we may hear the cry
of those who no longer hope, of those who no longer believe!
Grant that we be people of peace.
Give us strength.
Give us the courage to echo the angels
and like them proclaim:
joy, hope, peacefulness, fraternity!