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The “Volunteers of God” at the forefront in the incarnation of the charism of unity

The Assemblies of the men and women volunteers, that were held simultaneously at the Mariapoli Centre of Castelgandolfo (Rome) from 22 – 26 October, 2014, brought to an end the assembly period of the Focolare Movement. The incarnation of the charism of unity, that marks the vocation of these adults committed through their direct involvement in “the things of the world”, is highly evident.

The Assembly of Priests Focolarini: A New Page

The diocesan priests and deacons focolarini concluded their assembly on October 17. This followed the Movement’s General Assembly held during the month of September and its 90 participants came from 30 countries, representing about 800 members of 140 priest focolari.

Pope Francis receives the General Assembly of the Focolare Movement

A more than significant conclusion to the General Assembly of the Focolare Movement. Pope Francis received the participants of the Assembly this morning acknowledging the path they had followed, and whilst thanking them “for their generous commitment,” he urged the Movement on to a contribution of responsibility, creativity and generosity.

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