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The Holy Spirit, soul of the ecumenical journey

The Bishops conference held in Sigtuna (Sweden) came to its end yesterday. The Bishops present come from various Churches and are friends of the Focolare Movement. How does the Holy Spirit work in today’s Church? Does it still make sense to talk about an ecumenical journey at a time marked by fragmentation, complexity, scandals and humanitarian challenges even for Christians?

Prophetic Economy: innovative economy for the common good

The recent international “Prophetic Economy” event succeeded in bringing together diverse protagonists of change in the world, with different approaches to a common goal of improving the status quo. Through a dynamic exchange of good practices – including outstanding contributions from the younger participants – a collaborative network has emerged of “prophetic actions” already happening in the here-and-now.

Politics as a calling

Seventy years since the encounter between government deputy Igino Giordani and Focolare foundress Chiara Lubich at the Italian Parliament. Meeting in Rome, September 18, Palazzo San Macuto, from 16:30

Zero Hunger Goal

630 girls members of the Focolare Community and hailing from 17 different countries, discuss the Zero Hunger Goal at the FAO headquarters in Rome.

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