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Saturday, September 10, 2011
International summer school: “Democracy and rights in the mediterranen.”

The “Arab Spring” and the complex scenario of political and juridical relationships in the medio-oriental quadrant, were at the centre of the study seminar recently concluded in the area of Trent, (27-30 August 2011), promoted by Sophia University, in collaboration with Mppu/Political Movement for unity and Ced/Communion and Law.

The initiative, that utilised the contribution of the Province of Trent and the collaboration of the local administration, represents the first edition of a more more articolated research project lasting several years directed towards young university students, to increment, within their formative courses, academics and professionals, towards a “culture of universal fraternity” between peoples and cultures.

Typical of the experience was the possibility of  communicating competencies and diverse disciplinary languages to examine a mutidimensional theme, in strict interaction  between teachers and students of judiciary and politics areas; the majority of them were already linked together through participation in previous initiatives (such as the summer seminars promoted by CeD/Communion and law, and the “Schools of participation” by the Mppu/Political Movement for unity).

The programme required concentration and personal commitment from each of the participants-50 persons in all, of whom 38 were youths- and at the same time,it offered, in view of the extraordinary beauty of the natural environment in which it took place, the Dolomites of Primiero,adequate time for reciprocal knowl;edge and recreation.

But it was not only the splendid scenery and the mild temperature that brought the Summer School to those mountains. Acting as catalyst was, above all, the reference to the experience of Chiara Lubich and the first group of the newborn Movement of the Focolari that, in this same valley, during the years of the 50’s, found themselves living some stages that marked its development in an indelible way. It was then that they intuited with greater clarity the charismatic force of the idea of unity and its translation into a diverse model of human sociality, illuminated by universal fraternity.

How to give continuity to this initiative? At the end , to the enthusiasm of the youths were added the concretness and project capability of the president of the Valle Community, the mayor of Tonadico, and other administrators of the territory, with whom some plans have already been drawn. It is planned that there will be the possibility that Primiero will host an annual week of international studies, proposed by the Sophia team in collaboration with other networks of experts, highlighting every year a specific team tackled in an interdisciplinary manner.