Igino Giordani: The family – a temple, a small church

In October 1968 he addressed a group of New Families.

Legitimate conjugal love is assumed in divine love. Nothing less: the love that passes between wife and husband enters the circuit of the love of the Holy Trinity, it is the same fluid that passes between the three Persons, because true love is God, it is the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, loving one another, you give one another the Holy Spirit: what a priesthood! You are always in a sacred situation: is this not the truth of the priesthood? It is a state in which the sacred is given to society, to humanity: and the family gives the sacred, sanctifying society as well as itself [1].

October 1969: Genuine conjugal love is assumed in divine love, that is, it is included in the love of the Most Holy Trinity. When I love my wife and my wife loves me, when we love our children and the children love their parents, but especially when the two spouses love one another, the Holy Spirit passes between them as between the Father and the Son.

It is love, it is the Most Holy Trinity in them, it is God Love who lives in them. This is why it is a ‘great sacrament’, the reason why the spouses are the priests of this sacrament and confer the grace of the sacrament. And grace is expressed above all in this gift, this charism, that makes us the vehicles of God’s love. It is enormous. I love my wife and partake in God’s love. The love that passes between me and my wife is the same as that which passes between the Father and Son in the Most Holy Trinity: it is the Holy Spirit. Consequently, married life becomes a continual Mass, a whole priesthood, a whole Church [2].

October 1978: If one lives the sacrament of marriage, the family is a temple, it is a “little church” and what passes between wife and husband is the Holy Spirit, the spirit of God. God is love, and seen from a Christian point of view love is truly a mutual giving of God among the members of the family. I say that the husband can be sanctified by loving his wife: the wife can be sanctified by loving her husband and both can be sanctified by loving their children [3].

To New Families, October 12, 1969: As long as I love my wife, as long  as my wife loves me, in both of us there is God. Our kitchen, our work room, our dining room, becomes immediately a temple, a tabernacle, where there is God.

(Source: The spouses and the family in Igino Giordani – Colomba Kim, Città Nuova 2011)
[2] Speech of the 12 october 1969: AIG II, 6, 44, p. 6.

[3] Speech of the 19 actober 1978: AIG II, 7, 106, p. 2.

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