The Dice of love – Don’t forget concrete actions

The whole life in marriage is a gift; but this becomes particularly evident, when husband and wife, giving themselves reciprocally in love, create that encounter that makes ‘one flesh’ of the two. John Paul II

Dado_6Don’t forget concrete actions.
We wouldn’t say this if there are children because this side of the dice may include them too.  If it’s done in the afternoon, since  at that time the children are not present, it could be kept in the program.

A few words of Pope Francis during the meeting with the employees of Vatican City:
“Marriage is like a plant.  It isn’t like a wardrobe, that is put there, in the room, and it’s enough to dust it every now and then.
A plant is alive, it needs to be taken care of every day:
See how it is, water it, and so on.
Marriage is a living reality:  The life of the couple must never be taken for granted,  in any phase of the life of the family.
Let’s remember that the most precious gift for the children is not things, but their parents’ love.
And I don’t only mean the love of parents towards their children, but the very love of the parents for each other, that is the conjugal relationship.  This does a lot of good to you and also to your children!
Do not neglect the family!” (12.21.2015)


Tenderness  seems to us the only way possible to take at any moment of life that we find ourselves living.
Only it may transform our families in places of true communion, where everybody may experience freedom and joy.
Let’s try to use today between the two of us in each couple the tenderness of  the look and of the caress.
We can also be helped by other forms of tenderness:

  • Giving
  • Thanking
  • Apologizing

Here are some sentences, suggested by tenderness, which,  if used more often, could help us:

  • You’re important for me…
  • Without you I wouldn’t know what to do,…
  • Help me to find the solution…I need you
  • Now I’m going to help you, don’t worry about it and rest a little…
  • I have a surprise for you.
  • I have a poem for you, a song, a letter for you…
  • I want to ask you for a date (as when we were engaged).
  • If I hadn’t met you my life would have been useless.
  • You were really great.
  • You are a gift for me.
  • With you I feel great, you make my days more and more wonderful.
  • You are very good as a father, as a mother.
  • You’re good at your job.
  • I think a lot of you.

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