The Dice of love – Sincere listening

At the School of Families which took place after the Family Highlights event in Loppiano, the Dice of Affection was launched in Castel Gandolfo from March 13 to 17, 2017. It was an idea born from the everyday life of a family. We invite you to "play" with us everyday, this game involving the whole family. And if you have some points of reflection, bits of life generated from the rolling of the dice you can share them with us by writing on the comment box. What do you say?

Sincere listening.
Deep and active listening. It’s a very important aspect of communication.
Dado_2Often, while the other is talking, we already think of the answer we should give him or her and many times we interrupt.
At times we are so distracted  or taken by our activities that we don’t understand the message that is arriving or we underestimate it.
Some people feel obliged to offer immediate solutions, remedies,  or to preach.
When the other person is talking, let’s try to forget everything and understand what the other is saying thoroughly.
For instance, don’t use the cell phone or watch tv, etc… take time both in the couple and with the children.
Let’s try to empty ourselves, as Chiara says, in order to welcome and hear the other.


For a sincere listening we must lower our defenses.
In front of the other person try not to have prejudices,  not to defend at all cost your own idea.
Only in this way we can appreciate the richness of the other’s idea.

Let’s try to take the time and find the suitable space to communicate.
We can’t say anything important when we are in a hurry or, maybe, we are talking in a crowded place.
We must try to understand if it’s the right moment to talk, if the other is willing to interrupt
his or her activity to listen to us, otherwise, make an appointment.