The solemn opening of the Cause of Beatification and Canonization of the Servant of God Chiara Lubich took place on January 27, 2015, begun by Raffaello Matinelli, Bishop of Frascati, Italy.

“At the opening of the Cause of Beatification and Canonization of Chiara Lubich,” reads the message of the Pope, “held in Frascati Cathedral, His Holiness Pope Francis sends his cordial thoughts, hoping that the shining example of the life of the founder of the Focolare Movement arouses in those who keep her precious spiritual heritage, faithful renewed resolutions of generous adherence to Christ and of service to the unity of the Church. The Holy Father invokes abundant gifts of the Divine Spirit upon those engaged in the postulation and calls upon all to make known to the People of God the life and works of one who, accepting the Lord’s invitation, opened for the Church a new light on the road towards unity and, while asking for prayers in support of his universal ministry as the successor of Peter, through the intercession of the Holy Virgin, he extends to Your Excellency, to the postulation, to the entire Work of Mary and to all who participate in the joyous event his Apostolic Blessing.” (Vatican City, January 27, 2015)

Ever since her death on March 14, 2008, not only has the fame of holiness of the Servant of God, Chiara Lubich not ended, but it continues to increase. There have been civil and religious public events to remember her, commemorations, awards, naming of schools, squares, public gardens, streets, plaques, academic chairs, companies, and reports of graces obtained through her intercession that would fill volumes. Some of the more significant posthumous recognitions are listed chronologically below in response to Pope Francis’s exhortation to make known to the People of God the life and works of one who, accepting the Lord’s invitation, opened for the Church a new light on the road towards unity.”

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For information, requests and to contact us see:

Movimento dei Focolari – Postulazione Chiara (Silvia) Lubich
Via Frascati, 306 – 00040 Rocca di Papa (RM) – Italia
Tel. (+39) 06 – 94798139




17 March         –  Memorial celebration by Argentine Jewish Association (Tucumàn, Argentina)

25 March         –  Memorial celebration by Argentine Jewish Institute (Córdoba, Argentina)

25 March         –  Memorial service by Interreligious Committee for Peace (Córdoba, Argentina)

15 March         –  Memorial service by World Conference of Religions for Peace (WCRP, Lima, Perù)

17 May            –  Cultural convention in memory of Chiara (Man, Costa d’Avorio)

12 September  –  Interdependence Prize 2008  (Brussels – Belgium)

02 October       –  Evening ceremony dedicated to Chiara Lubich: Woman of Dialogue (Rosario, Argentina)

04 December    – Foundation “City for Fraternity Association” awarding of “Chiara Lubich Prize” (Italy)

07 December   –  Panoramic public square dedicated to Chiara Lubich (Rocca di Papa – Italy)


09 January     –  Dedication of statue in hospital garden entitled “Our Lady Health of Africa” (Fontem , Cameroon)

24 January     –  Mariapolis Centre in Cadine named after Chiara Lubich (Trent, Italy)

01 February    –  Prize “Life, first of all” (Basilica of the Annunciation – Florence, Italy)

11 March         –  Cultural Convention (Brescia, Italy)

14 March         –  Artistic performance classical Ballet (Reggio Emilia, Italy)

14 March         –  Commemoration by the Pro Life Movement (Marene – Cuneo, Italy)

14 March         –  Convention held at the Ecumenical Council of Churches headquarters (Geneva, Switzerland)

14 March         –  Cultural interlude (Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso)

14 March         –  Cultural convention to commemorate 1st Anniversary (Abidjan, Ivory Coast)

14 March         –  Cultural Symposium (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

14 March         –  Fordham Catholic University Seminar (New York, USA)

14 March         –  Accolade speech, Professor of the faculty of Theology, Catholic University (Lima, Peru)

14 March         –  Cultural Symposium (Arequipa, Peru)

14 March         –  Artistic commemoration at the Catholic University (Maracaibo, Venezuela)

14 March         –  Cultural convention, Provincial House of  Representatives (Chaco, Argentina)

15 March         –  Commemorative speech to “Chiara Lubich” School (Mendoza, Argentina)

17 March         –  Commemorative speech to House of Representatives (Rome, Italy)

24 March         –  Commemorative speech to Legislative Assembly (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

21 March         –  Cultural convention at the National University  (Iringa, Tanzania)

01 April            –  Childcare Centre named after Chiara Lubich (Ispica – Ragusa, Italy)

22 May            –  Public Square and Sports Centre named after Chiara Lubich (Ananindeuà – Parà, Brazil)

13 May            –  Issue of commemorative postage stamp (San Paolo, Brazil)

30 May            –  Dedication of public gardens adjacent to Russian Church (Bari, Italy)

20 June           –  Goccia D’Oro Prize (Rapolano Terme – Siena, Italy)

06 August       –  Memorial plaque (Fortaleza, Brazil)

22 August       –  Dedication of bike/pedestrian trail (Rovigo, Italy)

25 October      –  Awarding of meritorious citizenship (Loreto, Italy)


06 March        –  Dedication of a pubic park (Grottaferrata – Rome, Italy)

12 March        –  Memoral service for Chiara at the Faculty of Economy, University of Piacenza (Italy)

13 March        –  Forum at Santo Tomas University (Manila, Philippines)

14 March        –  Presentation of Scroll (Paranà, Brazil)

14 March        –  Children’s Theatre (Havana, Cuba)

14 March        –  Congress on the Economy of Communion Project (Rosario, Argentina)

14 March        –  Presidency, House of Commons – Civic Act (Curitiva, Brazil)

14 March        –  Seminar on the Economy of Communion (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

14 March        –  Cultural Convention at the Catholic University of C. Acosta (Maracaibo, Venezuela)

14 March        –  10th Anniversary of the honorary citizenship of Rome (Rome, Italy)

14 March        –  Cultural convention at the University of Reggio Emilia (Italy)

14 March        –  Convention hosted by the President of the Province (Parma, Italy)

14 March        –  Convention Academics Group in the Cooperation Hall  (Trent, Italy)

14 March        –  Memoral service as an honorary citizen (Marene – Cuneo, Italy)

14 March        –  Awarding of Prize “Evanghelion” (Nocera – Salerno, Italy)

14 March        –  Cultural convention at the Municipal Hall (Torremaggiore – Foggia, Italy)

14 March        –  Photographic exhibition in honour of Chiara Lubich (Catanzaro, Italy)

14 March        –  Art exhibition, Chiara in the Territory (Cuneo, Italy)

14 March        –  Musical concert to remember Chiara Lubich (Novara, Italy)

14 March        –  Dedication of an olive grove (Jerusalem, Israel)

16 March        –  Commemorative Plaque (São Luis, Brazil)

17 March        –  Convention a the Municipal Hall (Milan, Italy)

17 March        –  Cultural Convention at the Municipal Hall (Naples, Italy)

17 March        –  Convention involving various active associations (Caserta, Italy)

19 March        –  Convention at Equal Opportunities Commission (Ravenna, Italy)

20 March        –  Inauguration of memorial stone in public park (Frontignano Di Barbariga – Brescia, Italy)

20 March        –  Religious convention at the Pontifical University of Urbaniana (Rome, Italy)

21 March        –  Dedication of a public garden with a memorial stone (Grottaferrata – Rome, Italy)

27 March        –  A street dedicated to Chiara Lubich (Iglesias – Sardinia, Italy)

11 April           –  Musical concert with 278 musicians (Rocca di Papa – Rome, Italy)

19 April          –   Evanghelion Prize 2010 (Nocera Diocese – Sarno, Italy)

6 May             –  Dedication of Maternity School (Valli di Chioggia – Venice, Italy)

22 May           –  A memorial plaque (Teramo, Italy)

4 September  –  Dedication of an avenue (Roldán, Argentina)

2 November   –  Memorial stone at the cemetery of Milan, (Italy)


12 March        –  Institution of an Art Biennial (Maracaibo,Venezuela)

12 March        –  Musical Concert (Rome, Italy)

12 March        –  Cultural convention at the Municipal Hall (Marino Laziale – Rome, Italy)

13 March        –  Interreligious Meeting (Tucumán, Argentina)

14 March        –  Dedication of a plant nursery (Kenya)

14 March        –  Convention at the Ecuadorian House for Culture (Quito, Ecuador)

14 March        –  Tribute to Chiara at the Federal Senate (Brasilia, Brazil)

14 March        –  Tribute at the House of Representatives (Amazonia, Brazil)

14 March        –  Cultural Convention, University of Makerere (Kampala, Uganda)

14 March        –  Conference Municipal Hall (Resistencia – Chaco, Argentina)

14 March        –  Institution of an Art Biennial in honour of Chiara at the University C. Acosta (Maracaibo, Venezuela)

14 March        –  Dedication of a childcare centre and citizen’s park (Foggia, Italy)

14 March        –  Convention for local administrators and politicians (Turin, Italy)

14 March        –  Commemorative ceremony held at the Trecento Hall (Turin, Italy)

14 March        –  Park and school dedicated to Chiara (Foggia, Italy)

14 March        –  Cultural meeting at the University of Slesia (Katowice, Poland)

14 March        –  Symposium at the Catholic University of John Paul II (Lublin, Poland)

14 March        –  Tribute conference held by the Mayor (Trent, Italia)

14 March        –  Musical concert in the main square (Castel Gandolfo – Romea, Italy)

14 March        –  Commemorative Plaque (Resistencia, Argentina)

15 March        –  Naming of a street to Chiara (Teramo, Italy)

19 March        –  Conference on universal brotherhood (Brescia, Italy)

19 March        –  Conference for educators (Benavides – Pará, Brazil)

26 March        –  Dedication of a Childcare Centre (Cuneo, Italy)

27 March        –  Convention for local administrators and politicians (Ciampino – Rome, Italy)

29 March        –  Tribute given by the Mayor at the Municipal Hall (Resistencia – Chaco, Argentina)

15 April           –  Dedication of a square near the Cathedral (Teramo, Italy)

11 August        –  Dedication of an Institute of Inclusion and Communion (NGO) (Aracaju, Brazil)

20 August        –  Dedication of a Cultural Centre (Curitiba, Brazil)

23 August        –  Honorary issue of postage stamp (Curitiba, Brazil)

23 August        –  Scroll of recognition (Curitiba, Brazil)

10 December   –  Mother Teresa Prize – Pro Life Movement (Firenze, Italy)


03 March        –  Cultural Convention (Atlanta, USA)

08 March        –  Diploma of Appreciation for Women’s Day (Igarassu, Brazil)

09 March        –  8th Anniversary of Clarian Year in remembrance of Chiara (Assisi, Italy)

10 March        –  Cultural Convention (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

10 March        –  Young students’ conference (Poznam, Poland)

11 March        –  Cultural Convention for young students at Brno, Chech Republic)

11 March        –  Cultural Convention (New York, USA)

14 March        –  Dedication of a Main Square (Itabaiana, Brazil)

14 March        –  Commemorative Act at the Legislative Assembly (Manaus, Brazil)

14 March        –  Concert dedicated to Chiara (Rovigo, Italy)

14 March        –  Concert to remember Chiara (Savona, Italy)

17 March        –  Religious convention by Consecrated Life Association (Turin, Italy)

17 March        –  Symposium for Local Government (Turin, Italy)

20 April          –  A street named after Chiara Lubich (Cagliari – Sardinia, Italy)

12 June         –  Dedication of open space near the Main Basilica (Assisi, Italy)

01 July          –  Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of awarding of honorary citizenship (Turin, Italy)

21 July          –  Dedication of a little garden (Potenza, Italy)

07 December  –  A special session of the Federal Senate dedicated (Brasilia, Brazil)



23 February    –  Simposio nella Scuola Teologica degli O.M.I (San Antonio, USA)

16 March        –  4° edizione Premio “Chiara Lubich” assegnato al popolo Bangwa del Cameroon

07 March        –  Convegno sull’Educazione Cattolica (Molfetta – Bari, Italy)

08 March        –  Dedicata Scuola per l’infanzia (Putignano – Bari, Italy)

09 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Mumbai, India)

09 March        –  Convegno Culturale al Palacongressi (Loreto – Ancona, Italy)

13 March        –  Simposio Interreligioso (New Delhi, India)

13 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Taipei, Taiwan)

13-14 May      –  Mostra espositiva itinerante su Chiara Lubich, protagonista di un nuovo tempo (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

14 March        –  Intitolato complesso della scuola primaria (Ispica – Ragusa, Italy)

14 March        –  Convegno organizzato dalla Comunità Islamica (Catania, Italy)

14 March        –  Intitolata una scuola a Chiara ((Putignano – Bari, Italy)

14 March        –  Concerto musicale per ricordare Chiara (Mantova, Italy)

14 March        –  Dedicata una stazione della metropolitana (B1 viale Libia) (Rome, Italy)

14 March        –  Simposio per commemorare Chiara Lubich (Johannesburg, Soth Africa)

14 March        –  Atto commemorativo al Congresso della Reppublica (Bogotá, Colombia)

14 March        –  Convegno Culturale sulla Fraternità (Rotselaar, Belgium)

14 March        –  Simposio Culturale all’Università di Southern California (los Angeles, USA)

15 March        –  Mostra fotografica Università di Caxia Do Sul (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)

15 March        –  Convegno Centro Studi Scuola Abbà (Castel Gandolfo – Rome, Italy)

16 March        –  Convegno all’Università St. John’s (Bangkok, Thailand)

16 March        –  Convegno sulla politica (Udine, Italy)

16 March        –  Concerto musicale da artisti ispirati dall’Ideale di Chiara (Como, Italy)

16 March        –  Convegno sulla Fraternità (Manfredonia – Foggia, Italy)

17 March        –  Convegno Culturale nel Municipio (Praga, Czech Republic)

17 March        –  Convegno presente il Patriarca Bartolomeo I (Istanbul, Turchia)

20 March        –  Convegno Culturale all’Università Cattolica San Pablo C.E.U. (Madrid, Spain)

21 March        –  Convegno sull’educazione all’Università degli Studi (Sassari – Sardinia, Italy)

23 March        –  Concerto Musicale (Tocancipà, Colombia)

23 March        –  Convegno Culturale Educativo all’Università Cattolica (Piacenza, Italy)

23 March        –  Convegno su Economia all’Università (Parma, Italy)

24 March        –  Mostra di dipinti per  ricordare Chiara (Vimercate – Monza, Italy)

30 May            –  Concerto musicale (Havana, Cuba)

13 July            –  Conferenza del Card. Murphy-O’Connor   (Welwyn Garden City, Great Britain)

27 September  –  Intitolato Giardino nel quartiere di Valtesse (Bergamo, Italy)

12 October      –  Intitolato Nido d’infanzia in zona Altichiero (Padova, Italy)

07 December  –  Dedicata una scuola elementare federale (Guadalajara, Messico)

07 December  –  Commemorazione 70° anniversario Mov. dei Foc. (Trento, Italy)


January           –  Intitolato il Parco all’interno di Piazza Modena (Lecce, Italy)

15 May            –  Dedicato Asilo comunale di via Leonardo da Vinci (Trecastagni – Catania, Italy)

14 March        –  Dedicata Scuola Elementare a Jalisco  (Guadalajara,  Messico)

14 March        –  Intitolazione di una Via a Chiara Lubich (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

14 March        –  Mostra fotografica su Chiara Lubich (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

14 March        –  Concerto musicale per ricordare Chiara (Roma, Italy)

14 March        –  Intitolazione di una piazza  (San Biaggio – Mantova, Italy)

14 March        –  Intitolazione di una Via cittadina (Mantova, Italy)

14 March        –  Concerto musicale per commemorare Chiara (Tossignano – Bologna, Italy)

14 March        –  Convegno dialogo ecumenico Dutch Reformed Church (Pretoria, Sud Africa)

14 March        –  Convegno sul dialogo interreligioso (Montevideo, Uruguay)

14 March        –  Convegno all’Università statale presso l’Istituto Teologico (Minsk, Bielorussia)

14 March        –  Convegno Culturale al Seminario Interdiocesano Issy les (Parigi, Francia)

14 March        –  Concerto musicale con pianoforte (Praga, Rep. Ceca)

14 March        –  Simposio interreligioso con comunità islamica (Catania, Italy)

14 March        –  Concerto musicale in piazza (Belmonte – Palermo, Italy)

15 March        –  Opera di Balletto Classico (Jesi– Ancona, Italy)

15 March        –  Convegno al Centro Giovanile Don Bosco (Rovigo, Italy)

22 March        –  Concerto musicale al Teatro parrocchiale (Cuneo, Italy)

01 August       –  Intitolato un Parco (Monopoli, Italy)

28 August       –  Intitolata una Rotatoria (Rimini, Italy)

14 September  –  Intitolazione di un giardino pubblico (Bergamo, Italy)



07 March        –  Concerto musicale dal Gruppo Emmaus Ensamble  (Udine, Italy)

08 March        –  Convegno nel giorno della donna (Man, Costa d’Avorio)

12 March        –  Convegno di politici per ricordare Chiara (Tocancipà, Colombia)

12 March        –  Convegno Culturale all’Istituto Italyno di Cultura (Praga, Rep. Ceca)

13 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Toronto, Canada)

14 March        –  Conferenza alla Pontificia Università Bolivariana (Medellin, Colombia)

14 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Porto Novo, Benin)

14 March        –  Convegno per commemorare Chiara (Bujumbura, Burundi)

14 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Nairobi, Kenya)

14 March        –  Incontro di giovani per ricordare Chiara (Abuja, Nigeria)

14 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Lubumbashi, Rep. Democratica del Congo)

14 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Tegucigalpa, Honduras)

14 March        –  VI° Bienale all’Università C. Acosta (Maracaibo, Venezuela)

14 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Skopje, Macedonia)

14 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Abrigada – Alenquer, Portogallo)

14 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Stocolma, Svezia)

14 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Volklingen Saarland, Germania)

14 March        –  Convegno sull’Economia (Francoforte, Germania)

14 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Dublino, Irlanda)

14 March        –  Premiazione di Città per la Fraternità (Manfredonia – Foggia, Italy)

15 March        –  Convegno Culturale per ricordare Chiara (L’Avana, Cuba)

14 March        –  Convegno Culturale per ricordare Chiara (Santiago de Cuba, Cuba)

25 March        –  Il Vicegovernatore assegna una targa di riconoscimento (Córdoba, Argentina)



20 January      –  Intitolata parte della Piazza Indipendenza (Palermo, Italy)

08 March        –  Convegno Interculturale (Ischia, Italy)

11 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Rosario, Argentina)

12 March        –  Incontro Culturale (Patillas, Puerto Rico)

12 March        –  Incontro Culturale (Lawrenceville – Atlanta, USA)

12 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Garden Grove – California, USA)

12 March        –  Incontro sull’Economia (Tucson – Arizona, USA)

12 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Fortaleza, Brazil)

12 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Rio di Janeiro, Brazil)

12 March        –  Convegno Culturale in memoria di Chiara (Kampala, Uganda)

12 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Ancona, Italy)

12 March        –  Manifestazione alla Camera dei Deputati (Roma, Italy)

12 March        –  Convegno alla Facoltà di Giurisprudenza (Pisa, Italy)

12 March        –  Concerto musicale (Bucarest, Romania)

13 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso)

13 March        –  Convegno Culturale in ricordo di Chiara (Ndola, Zambia)

13 March        –  Incontro Culturale in memoria di Chiara (Bujumbura, Burundi)

13 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Kikwit, Rep. Democratica del Congo)

13 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Abidjan, Costa d’Avorio)

13 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Bangui, Rep. Centroafricana)

13 March        –  Convegno Culturale (San Francisco, USA)

13 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Neza, Messico)

13 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Ciudad de Panama, Panama)

13 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Espìrito Santo – Victòria, Brazil)

13 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Minsk, Bielorussia)

13 March        –  Incontro diverse realtà amministrative (Krizevci, Croazia)

13 March        –  Incontro per il mondo dell’Economia (Seoul, Corea)

13 March        –  Incontro interreligioso tra cristiani e musulmani (Pesaro, Italy)

13 March        –  Incontro Interculturale (Resana – Treviso, Italy)

13 March        –  Convegno Culturale al Comune (Catania, Italy)

14 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Houston – Texas, USA)

14 March        –  Incontro del mondo politico (Guayaquil, Ecuador)

14 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Lima, Perù)

14 March        –  Inaugurato Asilo Nido dentro l’Università (Skopje, Macedonia)

14 March        –  Incontro per ricordare Chiara (San José, Costa Rica)

14 March        –  Convegno Culturale per ricordare Chiara (Havan, Cuba)

14 March        –  Convegno Culturale in memoria di Chiara (Luanda, Angola)

14 March        –  Incontro Culturale per ricordare Chiara (Cotonou, Benin)

14 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Monaco, Germany)

14 March        –  Concerto musicale (Aljucer – Murcia, Spain)

14 March        –  Incontro Culturale sull’Economia (Avola – Siracusa, Italy)

17 March        –  Convegno Culturale con Comunità Islamica (Catania, Italy)

18 March        –  Incontro sulla politica e il genere femminile (Medolla – Modena, Italy)

18 March        –  Alla Fiera Internazionale su “Fare la cosa giusta” (Milano, Italy)

21 March        –  Incontro al Comune sul dialogo Interreligioso (Lendinara – Rovigo, Italy)

23 March        –  Convegno Culturale (Hayderabad, Pakistan)

08 April          –  Convegno Culturale (San Paolo, Brazil)

23 October      –  Innalzato una Stele –  monumento (Mottola – Taranto, Italy)