Computer Science at the service of fraternity. The Cyber Centre of the citadel (CIF), operating since 2008 was created by the Focolare Mouvement, present in Man since 1975.
Man, a city situated in the western part of Ivory Coast, is gradually coming out of a political crisis that the country has been living since 2002. In this contest, CIF has given its contribution to peace and to the reconstruction of the material and human resources through the use of information and communication technologies.
These technologies permits the access to information and benefit from different opportunities of developement; they simplify the management of various activities, respecting the given periods for these activities, create social relationships.

The courses:
CIF gives the basic formation on computer sciences and internet navigation. They also organise courses on Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Given the various requests, CIF is also considering starting some courses on Access.

The objectives:

Through the use of the computer and internet, CIF wants to:
Contribute in the spreading of knowledge of computer sciences in the city of Man.
Contribute in the promotion of women, giving them the same opportunities as men to be masters of new technology.
Collaborate with others to update the already qualified personnel, organising courses for specialisation.
Promote an exchange among people and groups of different cultures.
Encourage a collaboration among technicians of different countries through videoconferences.

In the future promote courses for the production of multimedia material and language courses.

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