The carpentry workshop started in 1975 as a neccesity in the citadel to make the furniture that were necessary for the first homes. This activity spread by word of mouth and in the following years it was transformed in a self relying workshop. At the beginning there was only a worker but as time went on the team was sustained and the first apprentices were admitted.

Great emphasis was laid on the formation of  youth living in the surrounding quarters as apprentices, and the production of furniture (such as chairs, tables, cupboards, beds doors) for customers living around the citadel, at Man and now even at Abidjan.

Work at the carpentry workshop – the furniture with curved and harmonious forms made from wood found at Man, gives an orientale picture. The types of wood mostly used are: mahogany, iroko, samba, framerie, abbeys. The furniture could be left  raw without any treatment on the wood, or tinted which enhances and makes the furniture shiny. On the raw wood, some glue is applied with  a thin covering of plywood of the customer’s choice which is later on also tinted. Presently,(2015)  4 people work in this workshop.

The strength of the workshop are the quality of their goods, the relationship with the customers from the moment of the contract to the handing over of the furniture, made in a crafty and personalized way. What is peculiar compared to other workshops in the area is the handicraft: this makes each piece a unique accomplishment. We are talking anyway of furniture and not typical woodcarving as we might have imagined. Another strength of the workshop is the relationship among the workers. Eventhough there is a specific division of labour, work is carried out in a familiar manner, and the work of each person as well as the spirit of family is greatly valued. As future prospects, the formation of the young people is still aimed at with the desire to create a school to teach the techniques of working with wood.