The Social medical Center Focolari is a private health and social facility located into the Focolari Centre in Man.

The CMS Focolari was born in 2002 as a small dispensary during the war in the Ivory Coast and used to work in two small rooms; in all these years, the stream of patients has increased and so everything is grown; now there are 3 day hospital rooms, 4 medical clinics, a big laboratory and the Nutritional Center (while other services will be activated in the coming months).

The staff now is about 25 people, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians, secretaries and other roles. More than 50 patients a day (sometimes 80) are usually visited and over 150,000 patients has been seen in all these years.

Social Medical Center

The claim of the Center is “when the quality and the social join for your health”.

The main strength is to believe in teamwork where the entire staff is involved for the good of the patient with which is established a relationship of awareness, friendship and fraternity. Patients, feeling welcomed and well cared, turn themselves into a sounding board and, in this way, voice runs.

The CMS is not a clinic: the goal is to cure at the best (thanks also to telemedicine) but at a cost that can be affordable for the local people (hence the term “social” of the Center). And this is still strongly necessary if we consider the poverty conditions of the most part of the population.

The Social Medical Center Focolari has been active for 13 years.




Inauguration of the new Medical Centre in Man

Inauguration of the new Medical Centre in Man

Over 100,000 medical visits in seven years. Treatments for malaria, one of the endemic diseases of the tropical zones, and above all, a patient-centred vision. And the patients who say: doctor, I tried to endure to be able to come to you.