Typography offers offset printing, plotter, inkjet, produces brochures, catalogues, leaflets, flyers, photo prints (up to 60 cm wide); provides for the printing of magazines and books, including New City Africa, taking care of all the steps up to the distribution.

It was born in the early 80 ‘s and was founded by Father Jean Marie De Baquer, carried out by the priests  focolarini in the region of Man to spread the package of  the “Word of life” (a phrase from the Gospel with a commentary by Chiara Lubich on a monthly basis), and to print booklets for meditations in Catholic circles.

The machine used was a simple ABEDICKUE printer, A4 format. In 1988-89 a focolarino, pushed by the curiosity of some young people in Man, had the idea to start the typography, and develope a workshop. With a project of AMU (Action for a United World, an NGO, inspired by the ideals of the Focolare Movement) has embarked on a major project called Artisanal Workshops, in which the construction of a new carpentry workshop and a new typography were included, which is the current one.

The start-up of the company took place with the help of AMU (NGO Azione Mondo Unito), and various external benefactors, a sign of God’s intervention with his Providence, until full independence in the mid 90 ‘s. All employees who worked initially in the printing press, the so-called apprentices, were fully assumed and became an integral part of the company. All the current workers, 9 in number (2015), work full time, they live in the neighborhood, Douaguyne and all started as apprentices. The current clientele goes right up to Abidjan. Among the peculiarities offered, there is the printing of account registers for companies in the region, with great respect for their privacy. In some periods local newspapers are also printed.

Apart from the traditional A2 or A3 format printing, the finished product can be stapled, sewn, hardback, plasticized. The most recent acquisition was the cutter that allows digital printing and inkjet.

The strong points are the familiar context that is also lived in the workplace (human respect, hospitality, mutual trust); creativity and cost optimization: although, in fact, it is the most modern typography in the area, it is also the most economical, thanks to the optimization of all machinery and production. It aims not only at training people, but also at arousing  an interest in this type of work, and as such, giving an opportunity to support families. It aims at the customization of the product and its quality.

There are future prospects of developing digital printing alongside the traditional one, in order to differentiate the circulation of copies (therefore, not only large but also small number of printing could be done to widen the range of customers) and staff training.