More Than Was Needed

I come from Tanzania and I’m almost blind. The person, who helps me to study, also gave me 1,200 shillings to buy a malaria injection, so that I could finish the treatment I had started.

I was going towards the pharmacy when a poor woman stopped me and told me of her needs. What I had on me was what I needed but – because I saw Jesus in her – I felt I should help her. So I gave her two hundred shillings.  When I reached the pharmacy, I saw an old woman who was in pain: she didn’t have enough money to buy the medicine, which she more than needed. I helped her as well with two hundred shillings.

I gave and gave, and found myself in the same situation as the two women I had helped. I now needed four hundred shillings, but I was certain God was watching and following everything. I went into the pharmacy and met a friend.  After greeting me he asked why I was there. I explained simply, “Recently, having been very ill, I have been having injections and I now need the last one which I have come to buy.

Without knowing anything about my situation, my friend handed me five hundred shillings. My heart was filled with joy: now I had more than enough for what I needed. What happened was further proof that I should never be frightened of sharing what I have with others. The Lord, in his infinite love, will take care of us.


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