Pope Francis to the Focolare: ecclesial maturity, fidelity to the charism and commitment to peace

On the morning of 7 December 2023, Pope Francis received in audience Margaret Karram and Jesús Morán, President and Co-President of the Focolare Movement, together with the members of the Focolare Council and those responsible for the different geographical areas, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of its foundation. Here is the speech that the Pope addressed to them during the audience. ... Read More

Laudate Deum of Pope Francis

Eight years after the Encyclical “Laudato Si,” the Pontiff calls again in the Apostolic Exhortation “Laudate Deum” all people of good will to respond appropriately to the climate crisis. ... Read More

The strength not to give in to evil

After the disastrous attack on Israel, the horrifying violence that was unleashed, the wave of fear that rocked the two peoples, the anguish for the hostages and the apprehension for the fate of the people of Gaza, we want to send you news from the Focolare communities in the Holy Land and news of a worldwide call to prayer and fasting for peace on 17th October ... Read More