A LIGHT FOR THE WORLD – one family all over the world

How can we be a sign of hope for the world? The title of this link up is "A Light for the World" and today we want to explore this light, from the perspective of friendship 4and fraternal relations with our brothers and sisters of the different religions that are part of the Focolare family.

1. Chiara Lubich and interreligious dialogue, a way to give a soul to globalisation. – When we are in the dark, if someone brings us a light to guide us, it doesn’t matter if that person is a man or a woman. We are grateful.

2. Maria Voce, President of the Focolare Movement, says Chiara Lubich’s interreligious dialogue, “was a true prophecy that is now being fulfilled as a concrete response to the needs of humanity”.
Co-President Jesús Morán explains how the ethics of care is at the basis of the new Pathway that will be launched on June 20, 2020 by the young people of the Focolare Movement.

3. Trailer for #daretocare Pathway – the annual campaign of the United World Project, launching on June 20th 2020. Now more than ever we have to put “taking care” at the centre of communities, politics and citizenship.

4. The coronavirus keeps on taking away thousands of “stories” like Sher Khan’s. But his story lives on in a legacy – being one family – and in many friends like Marta and Javed.

5. The story of a unique friendship: Silvina, Nancy and Cecilia. Three women. Silvina is the rabbi of a Jewish community in Buenos Aires, Nancy, a Muslim, runs a centre for interreligious dialogue a and Cecilia, a Christian, is a member of the Focolare Movement. A relationship that is built on concrete actions and a desire of going beyond any possible barrier.