#InTimeForPeace – a world family connected

a real marathon, a race around the world, we want to see how, in a world that is living dramatic times, the commitment to fraternity has not stopped at all. Covid has changed our lives but it hasn't diminished our strength.

The entire team of Collegamento CH, a production that has linked hundreds of thousands of people, scattered across five continents, who live for universal brotherhood since 1980, in collaboration with young people and the UWP editorial staff, participated in the United World Week 2020 by creating the #InTimeforPeace Web Event: a live streaming that connected dozens of cities on the planet, telling stories and actions, hosting debates and artistic performances.

What does it take to be #InTimeForPeace? Taken from Chiara Lubich’s the speech given on the occasion of the conferral of the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education (Paris, December 17, 1996).

The full live broadcast can be found here:  https://vimeo.com/413215279

Here are some of the testimonies shared during the link-up

INDIA – Rahul has brought together Hindus, Muslims and Christians in order to feed more than 100 people in Mumbai.

EAST AFRICA –  A year spent in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. Federico Aleotti, a young Italian energy engineer, explains how relationships with local communities give meaning to his work.

LIVING PEACE project  – Action for a United World explains the educational peace project, Living Peace International. (www.amu-it.eu – www.livingpeaceinternational.org)

ITALY –At the Dancelab School the art of dance is also “the” language of dialogue. (www.onelad.net) Hundreds of people in quarantine dance in their own homes to the song ‘Now’ by Gen Rosso. Choreography by Gabriel Ledda and Laxman Kami.

USA – If you want peace, work for justice. The story of Project Lia, a project in Indianapolis which seeks to help women build a new life after their time in prison. (www.projectlia.org)

SYRIA –Fr Georges, Jessica and Taoufiq help us to understand the need to lift the embargo on Syria. Sign the petition at: #StopEmbargoOnSyria

Maria Voce (Emmaus): The President of the Focolare Movement shares her thoughts at the beginning of United World Week and sets out how we can continue to work together. Follow United World Project and Focolare.org – Emergenza COVID 19 for more information.