A world family connected – Contributing to interdependence based on fraternity

We’re living in extraordinary times, it’s something that’s never happened before and it obliges us to review our lives. The Coronavirus has caused a crisis in the things we felt sure about, our habits, relationships, the way we live, the economy; it has caused a worldwide pandemic with thousands of deaths. But we are also witnessing an outpouring of heroic gestures.


From the CH Conference Call – Mollens, March 26, 1987.

1.Coronavirus – a crisis that calls for a new commitment to build one family – The testimony of those who are on the front lines and those who stay at home: many ways of living for others.

2. Coronavirus – work, study, relationships, solidarity: how our relationships have changed – The testimony of those who face social challenges by rediscovering the potential of the Internet. Some initiatives supporting those who are alone or in situations of poverty.

3. Coronavirus – distant but united – Supportive actions, mutual help, prayer and sharing generated by the Focolare communities all over the world.

4. CONGO – it’s possible to beat an epidemic -Testimony from Congo after difficult months fighting the Ebola virus.

5.SYRIA – a voice of hope after 10 years of war – Interview with Francesco Tortorella, responsible for the international cooperation projects undertaken by AMU (Action for a United World), who returned recently from Syria.

6. FOCUS – the world will no longer be the same: what can help to make it better? – Dialogue with Vincenzo Buonomo, Rector of the Pontifical Lateran University; Luigino Bruni, an economist; Amy Uelmen, a lawyer and professor at Georgetown University.

7. Maria Voce (Emmaus): Now is the time – “Love is the only weapon that can transform the world. Love is already spreading.” The invitation of the President to the Focolare family to continue in their shared commitment to live for unity and fraternity. Also in view of the “In time for peace” initiative.