A Suspended Contract

It was a time when there wasn’t much work at our printing works and every day we asked the Eternal Father for clients.

 We live in a Chistian community and try to give witness to the Gospel. A young person, visiting our community was struck by what she saw and arranged an appointment with someone who worked for Twentieth Century Fox.  He was director of marketing for the whole of Latin America.  We were overjoyed.

When we met the director, we showed him our range of products and immediately he ordered a print run of thousands of key rings for the premier of a film. We discussed dates, prices, etc. and he promised that there would be work in the future.

We could see that it would cover salaries for the next two months, but before finalising the contract I asked him what the film was about.  We soon realised realised that the film was not in line with our principles and I suspended the contract.

Incredulous, the director insisted: he couldn’t imagine that someone would refuse business of this kind.  But I remembered the words: “Seek first the Kingdom of God and his justice, and all this will be given you as well.” (Mt. 6:33).

We explained to the members of our community what had happened.  They were happy that we had been faithful to our principles, even though it would mean a great effort to go on. We didn’t have to wait long for God’s answer.  The next day the telephone rang and we were offered a year’s work printing children’s T-shirts with our own designs.