Ahl Al Bait Society and Focolare back together in Glasgow

‘Great joy for just being back together after the pandemic’ could well summarise the experience of the meeting of the Ahl Al Bait Society and the Focolare local community in Glasgow on Friday 25th November.

The evening was characterised by the simple family atmosphere experienced from the beginning, also thanks to a generous and colourful meal prepared by a team from the Ahl Al Bait community.

About 50 people, including young people from both communities, gathered in the heart of the city for a screening of the recently launched film ‘The Letter’. The film takes its inspiration from Pope Francis’ letter ‘Laudato Si’ and expresses the impact of the climate emergency through the personal stories of its most imminently-affected people.

The strong and thought-provoking film spoke loudly to all the attendees and sparked a dialogue in small groups on the current climate crisis and how spiritual values call us to take action. There was a general consensus that the answers lie in being and working together, hence the shared desire to continue fostering and widening our experience of unity in diversity.

The evening concluded with a solemn acknowledgement of the greatness of God who is present and guides our lives.