Chiara’s Glimpses of Paradise

This book with childlike straightforwardness takes the historical fact of an amazing experience that happened at the heart of the twentieth century. A story told by Jan Morovic and beautifully illustrated by Christiane Heinsdorff.


Chiara’s Glimpses of Paradise

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In the summer of 1949, Chiara Lubich and a small group of her friends shared an experience they would never forget: God gave them a glimpse of paradise. Their adventures, which began during the horrors of the Second World War, came to a climax of wonder among the majestic mountains of Northern Italy. Over a period of days, they were shown many beautiful things and formed a profound relationship with the Trinity and with Mary.
Many years later Chiara shared her experience with some young people of the Focolare Movement. Ján Morovič was there and when his sons were 13 and 8 he retold it to them. This book now shares Chiara’s experience as told by Ján to his children.

In a few pages the words and illustrations of this book offer us the chance to taste something of the same heaven that Chiara Lubich and her friends came to know.

ISBN 978-1-905039-56-2

Published in February 2024

Available from: New City Publishing