Chiara Lubich: Unity and Politics

14 March 2015. On the 7th anniversary of Chiara's passing, a special worldwide event will take place focusing on the impact of the "Spirituality of Unity" in the area of politics.

20150127Event_logoThis event is mainly for people committed in the life of civil society and in political institutions with various functions, scholars and academics, young people interested in offering ideas and energies for a political renewal in its different aspects.

Over 5,000 people are expected to participate in the meetings and more than 30,000 people through live streaming, besides all those who can be reached through the media (press and television), the social networks and other follow-up channels.

The final result of each conference and seminar, established with participatory procedures, will be a document that will be offered to policy-makers and for public discussions .

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Who is promoting this event?

The Focolare Movement through the Movement of Policies & Politics for Unity (MPPU)