Climate Education

The latest in the series of Bridging London Education events which began in 2008, took place on 14th May 2019 entitled “Climate Education”.

It was hosted at CAFOD’s head office and Bethany Friery who is part of the charity’s education team, spoke about Laudato Si and the many resources used to engage children and young people with its message. Maria Liddy, Deputy Head at Sacred Heart Primary School, Roehampton, shared experiences of working with pupils as a UNICEF Right.

Respecting School, considering care for the planet and interdependence. Caroline Staples and Maria are both involved in the MUNGA (Model United Nations General Assembly) in Wandsworth, and schools have debated issues such as vegetarianism and single use plastics.

The main talk of the evening was by Matt Staples, Senior Lecturer at the Open University, who gave us a fascinating overview of social history and the impact of climate change. Being ‘educated as educators’ in this way was a greatly appreciated opportunity.

The Earth Cube promoted by ECO One was also presented and many people took this away with them to use in their own settings. Lorna Gold’s book Climate Generation was recommended and many other resources and events were publicised including the mass lobby of Parliament on Weds 26th June.

One sixth form student who had travelled all the way from Loughborough for the evening said that she found it inspiring.  Several people who attended have agreed to meet locally and to further explore some of the questions raised.

It is hoped that Chiara Lubich’s vision of building bridges has been strengthened and much needed dialogue will continue to develop.


Veronica Towers