From a Heart of Stone to One of Flesh

My husband’s mother was very fond of her son, to the point of being possessive, and this attitude has always created difficulties between us. A year ago she was diagnosed with a tumour: this necessitated home care that her only daughter was unable to give.

I had just had a strong experience of conversion and the first consequence of this conversion was the decision to overcome my every fear and invite my mother-in-law into my home. The light in my heart made me see her with new eyes.  Now I knew it was Jesus in her whom I was helping and looking after. Gradually, my heart of stone became a heart of flesh. She was not indifferent to my love, and matched my acts of love, with ones of her own. The grace of God worked the miracle of reciprocity! Months of sacrifice, which didn’t weigh me down, went by, and when my mother- in- law left serenely for heaven, she left peace in us all.

About that time I realised I was expecting a baby, something I had wanted for nine years.  This child is for us a tangible sign of God’s love, in exchange for the little love given to him in his grandmother.


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