Light that illuminates the night

Light that lights up the night. We’d like to tell you about some of these lights: small, experiences from everyday life but also important global events that give us great hope for the future

Chiara Lubich on unity
From the CH Conference call “Unity”- Rocca di Papa, 26th September 1996 –

Chiara presents unity to us in this way, that is, being close to everyone. “Why? Because God sent Chiara’s charism on earth; this is the word he wanted to say to the world, the word “unity”. Unity is a grace that comes from God. But God has been so good as to tell us what conditions he requires of us people so that he can provide this grace, and the conditions are mutual love, love one another as he has loved us, not just any kind of loving, but loving one another with the measure of Jesus forsaken, who showed us that he was ready out of love to give everything for us, everything for the love of humanity.So Chiara urges us to have this kind of love among us precisely so that this love we can then give to the world, our word, which is the word “unity”, which is what the world is asking to hear today and which it cannot hear if we do not put this mutual love into action among us which attracts this grace. This is Chiara’s thought that we will hear now together.

The Economy of Francesco
We hear from young people who were part of the event – which is now an international movement – the Economy of Francesco.

Actions of fraternity – Part 1
We go to the USA, Pakistan and the Philippines to see and hear about some “small” actions by people who take care of those nearby.

Global Compact on Education
On October 15, 2020 Pope Francis drew attention to the alarming and widening global educational gap. Only an alliance between all components of society can generate a change of direction for humanity towards peace and fraternity: this is what gave rise to the GLOBAL COMPACT ON EDUCATION.

Acts of fraternityWe go to Australia, Brazil and Madagascar to see and hear about some “small” actions by people who take care of those nearby.

TV Movie on Chiara Lubich: Interview with Cristiana Capotondi
Interview with Cristiana Capotondi, the actress who plays Chiara Lubich in the TV movie about her

Highlights of the past year and key images from Emmaus’ terms as President.