Love creates a family

We are looking forward to the fifth session of the Families course ‘Love creates a home’ next week - Thursday 24th June 7.30pm.

Having previously looked at how love shares, reaches out, uplifts and heals, this month ‘Love creates a home’  will be looking at  the topic of ‘home’ and care for our common home, the planet.  The session will be led by Phil & Rosaleen, Ettore & Claire and Fabio & Miriam and will feature inspiring input from Dr. Lorna Gold, author of ‘Climate Generation’.

All are welcome – you don’t need to have attended previous sessions in order to join the course.

If you would like to participate but haven’t registered please email to receive registration and Zoom details. For those already registered, you will receive the Zoom link again just before the session. We look forward to seeing you and continuing the journey together!

The GB families team