Love creates a family

The pandemic has brought into focus the importance of relationships, care and connection, inviting many of us to re- evaluate our lifestyles and priorities. Within the Focolare Movement the New Families, made up of families from all over the world, aim to bring the spirit of being a family everywhere by putting the words of the Gospel into action – in their homes, communities and wider society so as to contribute towards building the one human family.

From January 2021, the New Families in GB are launching a course looking at the different aspects of Love and how we can live these practically in our lives together as families – whether it is how we work, share, communicate, reach out to others and find a balance! We are all part of a family and so the course is open to all who are interested in its topics. We take inspiration from living the Gospel, those from all faiths and convictions are welcome. The monthly sessions take place on Zoom from 7.30 to 8.30pm starting on January 21st

To participate in any of the sessions please email