Together for Europe: Concluding Message

There is no alternative to being together; The Gospel – a source of hope; A culture of respect and esteem; Overcoming divisions; Our commitment: 5 highlights of the concluding message.

Together for Europe
Encounter, Reconciliation, Future
Munich (Bavaria), 2nd July 2016


There is no alternative to being together 

“United in diversity”. This European hope is more than ever relevant. Europe must not become a fortress and build new frontiers. There is no alternative to being together. Being together in reconciled diversity is possible.

The Gospel – a source of hope 

Jesus Christ prayed for unity and gave his life for it. This is stated in the Gospel, which for almost 2,000 years has played a key role in the culture of Europe. Jesus Christ teaches us boundless love for all people. He shows us the path of mercy and reconciliation. We can ask forgiveness and forgive one another. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a powerful source from which we can draw hope for the future.

Europe – a culture of respect and esteem 

The terrible experiences of two World Wars have taught us that peace is a precious gift that we must preserve. Our future must be characterised by a culture of respect and esteem for others, even for strangers.

Unity is possible – Overcoming divisions 

We ask all Christians, especially Church leaders, to overcome the divisions. These have caused suffering, violence and injustice, and have undermined the credibility of the Gospel. As Christians we want to live together as people who are reconciled and in full communion.

Our commitment

We live the Gospel of Jesus Christ and bear witness to it with our words and deeds. We are pursuing the path of reconciliation and working to enable our communities, Churches, peoples and cultures to live “unity in diversity”. We meet people of different beliefs and faiths with respect, seeking dialogue with them. We are committed to building up humanity and peace in the world. We have a vision for Europe being together in a way that is stronger than fear or selfishness. We place our trust in the Holy Spirit who continually renews and gives life to the world

Concluding Message – Together For Europe, Munich 2016