(English) Going to God Together

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These ‘simple’ reflections mirror discoveries that Bishop Brendan Leahy feels he needs to constantly re-discover in order to be most effective in building up the presence of Jesus among “two or more” who are going to God together.

He offers reflections on a variety of spiritual themes personal to his journey as a Christian and bishop. His reflections are poetic, solidly grounded in the spiritual tradition of the Church and clearly “audible” to the heart of every person seeking to find God in the midst of their hectic everyday life. I highly recommend this book for daily meditation and spiritual reading.

Brendan Leahy is Bishop of Limerick, Ireland. Formerly professor of Systematic Theology at the Pontifical University of St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, he is a von Balthasar scholar and an ecumenist and has authored articles and books, including His Mass and Ours: Meditations on Living Eucharistically.

Available from New City Press (NY)

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