(English) A Dialogue of Life

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A Dialogue of LifeThis book written by  Silvina Chemen, a Rabbi, and Francisco Canzani, a Christian, outlines the challenges and opportunities of genuine interreligious dialogue.

It shows that it is possible to educate in the art of dialogue without losing our identity. It requires the commitment to listening, which implies also knowing how to be silent.

About the author Silvina Chemen and Francisco Canzani

Silvina Chemen has a degree in Hebrew language from the Hebrew college, Michlelet Shazar, a second degree in social communication from Buenos Aires University and was ordained as a rabbi in 2006 at the rabbinical school for Latin America, Seminario Rabinico. She serves as Rabbi at the Congregation Beth El in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Francisco Canzani has a doctorate in Law and Social Sciences from the University of the Republic of Uruguay. He completed theological studies at the Institute Mystici Corporis (EoC Italy). Since 2004 he is the head of the Department of Ecumenism at the Theology Faculty of the Republic of Uruguay Monsignor Mariano Soler. Francisco is a consecrated member of the Focolare Movement.

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