Dare to Care International Convention 2021

“A world that dares to care, and a world where care is placed at the center of political discourse will be a better world, a more united world.”

This is what the #daretocare campaign believes. But what path does human society still have to take to put care at the center of politics and our actions as citizens? How can we overcome the spiral of individualism, broaden our gaze and dare to take care of the common good? This is will be the main topic of the Dare to Care International Conference, a three-day event in which citizens and politicians, as in an online open forum, will be able to think, discuss and work together to find remedies for the many pathologies of our society…



7th – 9th May 2021


Friday, 7th May 2021

11.00 (UK time). 45-minute show in collaboration with the Sylvester Production Company, with stories, best practices and ideas from around the world. To follow: many exploratory webinars and workshops, project proposals, face-to-face with European politicians on such timely topics as: migration, equality and equity, isolation and solitude, to the pandemic.

Saturday, 8th May 2021

We have dubbed this day Care Day. A day on which all the groups, communities and associations are invited to take part in this first global mobilization to ask that “caring” be inserted in the political programs of governments. 

Sunday, 9th May 2021

11.00 (UK time), Brussels. 45-minute show in collaboration with the Sylvester Productions Company, for the launch of the second phase of #daretocare, which will focus on the challenges of integral ecology, civil economy, inclusive society, accessibility, and more. To follow: a webinar series and workshop on: styles of sustainability, ecological conversion, civil economy, inclusive society, accessibility, and so on.