I have called you by name

This year when the theme is 'We are called and we are sent', a book like this has a particular interest in order to learn about the early 'mission' of the Focolare.


I have called you by name

by Serenella Sharry Silvi


Serenella Sharry Silvi grew up in Rome, graduated with a degree in Political Science, worked at the United Nations and was one of the small group of people who gave life to the first centers of the Focolare Movement in North America during the sixties. She followed the developments of the movement while assuming different roles including that of editor of  Living City,  the Focolare magazine in North America, from 1967 to 2001. In 2002,  she returned to Italy where for 12 years she was responsible  for the section of the women focolarine worldwide at the  movement’s headquarters. She now resides in Rome.

ISBN 978-1-905039-64-7

Published in November 2023

Available from: New City Publishing