Solidarity during the coronavirus…

Practical help, community building and stories of hope from all over the world are spreading the “antivirus” of fraternity.


“It is no longer ‘I’m afraid of catching this virus’ or even ‘I couldn’t care less about catching the virus.’ I need to take care of OTHER PEOPLE. I worry about you. I keep my distance for you. I wash my hands for you. I give up that trip for you. I’m not going to the concert for you. I’m not going go to the shopping centre for you. This is an opportunity to turn an emergency into a time of solidarity.”

A young Italian woman from the Focolare Movement posted this message on Facebook.  She is appealing for a radical change of mentality and action as her country rises to second place in the world ranking of nations affected by the Coronavirus.

As this virus continues to spread, it is affecting countries across the world in a variety of different ways –  health care systems, schools and the economy are in crisis in some areas.

The economist, Luigino Bruni, international coordinator of the Economy of Communion wrote, “Although we understand the concerns of many leading economists at the moment, we believe that the task of “civil enterprises” does not end in merely calculating the damage and in contributing to the spread of alarm.  This is the moment to demonstrate that the State is us and that corporate social responsibility is not only a marketing tool but is a genuine practice that is activated especially during times of crisis. It pays attention to common goods (health, work), practices correct communication, formulates concrete and sustainable proposals with an overall vision, initiates practical action in support of the most vulnerable people and enhances a system made up of companies, families, schools, universities, organizations and bodies that become protagonists of a new and indispensable proactive solidarity.”