Run4Unity 2020

Hundreds of thousands of teenagers leading the worldwide sports relay race. Boys and girls from different ethnic groups, cultures and religions race together to bear witness to their commitment to peace and to promote a way to reach this peace : the Golden Rule.


The race is promoted by the Teens for Unity of the Focolare Movement. It takes place every year on the first Sunday of May from 11:00 am to 12:00 noon (in the different time zones), during the “United World Week” which is part of the United World Project.

It’s an event that in previous years has involved over 100,000 teenagers in various cities of every corner of the globe.

What is it?

The baton passes from one time zone to the next making it also an opportunity for exchanges between the places involved. At different latitudes, sporting events, acts of solidarity and experiences of active citizenship get under way, especially in places where solitude, poverty and marginalization prevail. Personalities from the world of sport and culture, and civil and religious authorities take part in some cities.


The Run4Unity 2020 will be very different from other years: sports gatherings are impossible due to the pandemic; but the spirit is the same, convinced that we are still in #In Time for Peace. Using creativity and social media, participants will be able to commit to individual or collective online peace initiatives that contribute to building a more united and fraternal world.

From the UK, join our online event on 3rd May 11am-12 noon at “


#Run4Unity, the worldwide relay race, with more than 70 events. You can also follow Run4Unity – Official to follow the many initiatives that will take place on May 3rd. #WarmUp4Unity and get ready!

Pubblicato da United World Project su Domenica 26 aprile 2020