To be a real family!

Sharing our needs and our goods is an important expression of the mutual love that builds unity and draws the presence of Jesus among us that will bring about a united, fairer world.

We had already donated to the Covid Fund last month and we were thinking how difficult the situation was for our own family, so we couldn’t commit to a regular standing order. However, we wanted to follow the inner voice: God was asking us to give, and we felt we shouldn’t worry. After all, His Providence is his special gift to each one of us. So, we decided to give another donation to the fund even if we are not sure we’ll be able to provide should there be another family crisis. Even if it’s not a regular payment we can still give something. As pay day was this week just gone, we thought of using immediately a small sum to contribute to the fund, before we use that sum for something else that we do not know yet. We are sure we will have sufficient resources to cover all we will need, believing that… “give and it will be given to you”!

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