Voting has started for the general councilors

Diary of the General Assembly no.10, 3rd February 2021

Today’s programme is dedicated once again to voting. The General Assembly met in a plenary session to begin the voting process, so as to elect the general councilors of the Focolare Movement and this will conclude tomorrow.

The Electoral Commission at work

The councilors are the closest collaborators and consultants of the President. The total number is divided equally between men and women focolarini with perpetual vows and is specified by the newly elected President.  Margaret Karram has decided there will be 22 councilors and in the coming days she will distribute their tasks.

There are many areas in which the councilors will be involved; these range from economy to prayer life, from care of the environment to care of the person, communication, from culture to evangelization. They also have the task of keeping in touch and maintaining strong links with different countries or geographical areas. The President can also entrust them with other special tasks.

Together with the President and Copresident they make up the “Centro dell’Opera” (The Center of the Work of Mary) which forms the beating heart of the Movement.

Tomorrow voting will continue and we will get to know the names of all the 22 councilors.