(English) The Mystical Journey of Chiara Lubich

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Mystical Journey of Chiara LubichComing Soon!
Trinity and Creation, Humanity and Society

About this Book

This work is based entirely on articles published in Claritas: Journal of Dialogue and Culture. The inspiring spark for Claritas is the life and thought, dialogues and initiatives of the Focolare Movement which has as its basis the work and writings of Chiara Lubich, founder of the Focolare. Claritas has a special interest in her experience of unity, particularly from a period beginning in 1949, referred to as Paradise 49. This book contains 30 articles published over a 5-year period covering topics such as Entry into the Mystical Experience of Chiara Lubich, The Pact, Theological Implications of Paradise ’49, Paradise ’49 and the Letter to the Ephesians, The Human Person in Light of the Trinity, Humanity as Brothers and Sisters in Light of the Trinity, Spiritual Foundations for Interreligious Dialogue.

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